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Declerative rendering is the main part of vue and this property also is speacial for that which become easy to handle DOM with javscript. Vue use double curly braces for that. For Example:

I hope you are new user of vue when you read this post because I…

Hi, devs. I am going to explain pexels API to you. I will use fetch API to fetch data from API. First of all, let`s learn some information about fetch API.

Fetch API

Fetch API is used instead of XML or Ajax nowadays and it is so useful and easy to handle…

Web Server Architecture

A web server or network server is the server responsible for broadcasting a website on the Internet and is a computer that runs websites. File servers, database servers, mail servers, and web servers use different kinds of server software. Each of these applications can access files stored on a physical…

I am going to explain to you js loops, which better is and how they work.

At first,Let`s get to know eatch other.

While loop


var users = ["John", "William", "Lucas", "Oliver"];var list = document.getElementById("list");var text = "";var i = 0;while (i <= users.length) {


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